Village Court

Court Calendar
Oneida County District Attorney’s Office If you wish to plead NOT guilty please refer to the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office website. There are instructions on how you can ask for a reduction. This is for TRAFFIC COURT ONLY !!    To inquire about reductions use the link for the DA’s Office

Eviction Information

To access forms for eviction, including a Rent Demand (3 day notice), Petition and Petition to recover visit this helpful website:

Homes and Eviction Section will have clickable links

There will be instructions regarding which forms you need and what to do with the forms once you complete them. The court is no authorized to give legal advice and may not assist you with the completion of these forms. We can only receive the completed forms and set a court date for eviction.

Clerk: Michele Moran

Robert F Glenn
Village Justice
Term: expires 2025


Robert F. Glenn

Village Court Hours are as follows:

Mondays beginning at 3:30PM for traffic related issues (NOT INCLUDING DWI)

Wednesdays beginning at 3:30PM for criminal court

The Village Court is only open part-time on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. You can not make an in person payment any time OTHER then those two days at 3:30PM. The Village Clerk’s Office CAN NOT answer Court related questions.

Court Email Address: